Justin Timberlake Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show

Justin Timberlake is already working up a sweat in rehearsal for his Super Bowl halftime show next Sunday.

#Superbowl rehearsals are going well... @jumpman23 #SBLII

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On Friday afternoon, the singer posted a behind-the-scenes video where he can be seen doing some deep stretches ahead of the gig.

While the 36-year-old singer shows off how flexible he still is, a drone can be seen flying around him in the background. People walk hurriedly by in every direction, preparing the big event. Timberlake springs to his feet, looks at the camera, and delivers an impressive jump kick before the footage cuts off.

"[Super Bowl] rehearsals are going well…" Timberlake wrote, tagging the event as well as the the official Nike account. Timberlake's sneakers make a prominent appearance in the short clip, as do his jumping skills.

Timberlake is clad in black from head to toe, wearing a sweat suit to allow for freedom of movement. It's safe to say that his performance will involve quite a bit of dancing, based on his preparation regimen.

Timberlake's performance is under a lot of scrutiny, as his last appearance at the Super Bowl featured the scandalous wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson, which many fans now blame on Timberlake. They say the young pop star wasn't punished nearly as much as Jackson was.

Despite numerous questions from fans and reporters, Jackson has stated that she has no intention of joining Timberlake on stage for some kind of attempt at redemption. Likewise, Timberlake's former NSYNC bandmates have denied rumors that they'll be making an appearance on stage with him.


The Tennessee native has plenty of his own material to perform and promotes. His new album, Man of the Woods, is set for release on Friday, Feb. 2, just two days before the big game. The album as attracted a lot of attention already, especially the collaboration with Chris Stapleton titled "Say Something."

One of Timberlake's other attempts to publicly promote the album has blown up in his face — the singer booked Prince's famous recording studio, Paisley Park, for a listening party with friends and fans. Die-hard Prince fans weren't too happy, however, as Timberlake once had a contentious exchange with Prince. They felt the whole event would be disrespectful to the pop icon's legacy.