Justin Timberlake Returns to Work After Alisha Wainwright Hand Holding Drama

Justin Timberlake is back to work! The "SexyBack" singer was seen on the set of Palmer in New Orleans as he stepped out of his trailer, but not only that, he was also seen holding hands with another woman just a few days prior. Timberlake was seen wearing a blue button-up on top of a white T-shirt with matching blue pants and work boots. His sighting comes just days after he was seen partying with a group of people while holding hands with his on-screen love interest Alisha Wainwright.

Over the weekend, the two were seen at Old Absinthe House, a popular New Orleans bar, with a group of people. After the paparazzi photos surfaced, the two can be seen looking at each other as she rests her hand on his knee. Another photo shows further up his thigh, loosely clasped in his own. Timberlake was dressed in non-descriptive clothes and a baseball cap pulled low over his face, with at least for drinks on the table in front of them. Then, the two were caught holding hands. However, one source is saying that the gathering was nothing but innocent that included friends, cast and crew of the film according to Entertainment Tonight.

A second source said the two are like brother and sister before stating that their hangout on the balcony was "harmless." The 30-year-old actress's rep told the outlet that "there is no validity to the speculation" surrounding their relationship.

Timberlake, who's been married to Jessica Biel since 2012, has every intention of staying together as once source close to the couple said they "love each other dearly."

"They want nothing more than to stay together. Even though Justin works and travels a great deal and he is so much in the public eye, both [Jessica and Justin] are wonderfully dedicated parents who both have careers, which can present some challenges."

The pair share 4-year-old son Silas together.

In the midst of rumors, Timberlake's net worth has resurfaced and is reportedly worth at least $230 million. The singer has a long tenure in the entertainment industry and has worn several hats throughout the years. From the Mickey Mouse Club to *NSYNC, as well as, major motion pictures. It's unclear if this is the exact number or not and may range by 20-30 million.


The stars personal life is always of interest to fans but now more than ever since the rumors are swirling that he and his wife may be in jeopardy.