Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's New Baby Earns Stamp of Approval From NSYNC's Lance Bass

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel might be staying quiet about welcoming a second child, but that is not stopping Timberlake's former *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bance from gushing about the newborn. Bass confirmed Biel did give birth to a second child, reportedly a baby boy. It was reported in July that Biel and Timberlake's family has a new member, but there has never been any word from the celebrity power couple.

"The baby is cute of course, it's Justin and Jessica!" Bass enthusiastically told Entertainment Tonight while promoting his new podcast, The Daily Podcast. Bass did not share any further details on the baby, but he said the group chat between *NSYNC members is dominated by baby talk. The singer did not reveal the baby's name but said he had seen pictures. Bass said Timberlake "would kill me" if he let the name slip.

Timberlake, 39, and Biel, 38, are parents to son Silas, 5. On July 18, The Daily Mail reported that Biel gave birth to a second child, but the couple never announced Biel was pregnant in the first place. Biel reportedly welcomed a son in Montana. Her mother, Kimberly Conroe Biel, reportedly traveled to their ranch to be with her new grandchild. Timberlake and Biel have not been pictured together since March 25, when Timberlake shared a photo of the couple taken on Biel's birthday. Biel sat at their dining room table, wearing loose-fitting clothes and hiding her baby bump.

Singer Bryan McKnight also confirmed Biel and Timberlake are parents again. In early August, McKnight told Hollywood Life he thinks becoming a dad again will inspire Timberlake to make new music. "I think if he's going to do music, he's going to make sure that that's secure, and then he'll bring us into his music," the R&B star said. "And being inspired! He just had a new baby. I think that's going to be really inspiring for him and he'll have some new music based on that, I'm sure."

Biel and Timberlake have remained active on Instagram, with Biel sharing a new selfie on Tuesday for National Voter Registration Day. Timberlake's recent posts have covered social justice issues. His last post was on Aug. 27, when he let Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, the co-founder of the Center for Policing Equity to take over his Instagram page. "I asked Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff to take over my page today, because he and his team are behind the scenes, working to promote police transparency and accountability,"


Timberlake wrote at the time. "This week was, yet again, another reminder that without police transparency, our already broken system becomes even more dangerous for people of color."