Fake Claim About Justin Timberlake Drug Use Goes Viral Amid DWI Scandal

Users are repeating rumors from a parody account.

Social media is spreading an alleged Justin Timberlake drug use story, coinciding with the singer's recent arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York. The false claim, originating from a parody X account called "PooCrave," was widely circulated without any vetting.

The post in question said, "Justin Timberlake allegedly had traces of molly, poppers, Truvada, and coke in his bloodstream following his DWI arrest in New York." Though the source was doubtful, users took the claim at face value, spreading the allegations further. However, some individuals have pointed out the need to fact-check the information, urging others to "google Poo Crave" before blindly accepting the rumors.

Timberlake was reportedly arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons. Multiple outlets, including Good Morning America and Newsday, reported Tuesday that the singer, 43, was arrested on a possible DWI charge Monday night in Sag Harbor, New York.

A source told PEOPLE that Timberlake was pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated or impaired after leaving the America Hotel in Sag Harbor, where he reportedly had dinner. The singer was allegedly taken into police custody while on his way to a friend's house. The source added that "nobody was hurt."

Interestingly, Timberlake's recent DWI arrest has brought to light a confession he made 18 years ago about his past drug use. In a 2006 interview with the British magazine Observer Music Monthly, the SexyBack singer, now 43, admitted, "I've done way too many drugs already. I've already inhaled and I've already … who knows?" He further acknowledged, "I'm just like everyone else, I get completely plastered, I've done my fair share of drugs and I've been caught places with my pants down," adding, "It's just I make sure there are no cameras around."

The resurfacing of these past admissions has added fuel to the fire surrounding Timberlake's recent legal troubles. The pop star's arrest occurred just two days after he celebrated Father's Day and received praise from his wife, Jessica Biel, who referred to him as a "rock."

Timberlake, a father of two, took to social media on Father's Day to share heartfelt photos of his sons, Silas, 9, and Phineas, 3, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to be their father. In his post, he wrote, "I learn more about myself everyday just because you both chose me to be your Daddy. I will always be there for you through your peaks and valleys, to lift you up and show you how high you can take this life and to pick you up when you fall."