Justin Long Might Have Coronavirus, Unable to Get Tested

The Conners actor Justin Long is the latest celebrity to reveal that he might have been infected [...]

The Conners actor Justin Long is the latest celebrity to reveal that he might have been infected with the coronavirus, but states that he is unable to get tested. In the newest episode of his podcast Life is Short with Justin Long, the 41-year-old actor and his brother Christian shared that Christians girlfriend was diagnosed with it, and that they eventually began to experience symptoms as well.

"We should tell everyone that you actually might have corona. You think you do. I might have it as well," Long stated, to which Christian replied, "I do have it. We're not just being paranoid." Long then said, "Sadly, Christian's girlfriend Maggie came back from her work trip and a couple days later, she was very ill. She had classic corona symptoms. She had fever, dry cough, all the things that they're saying people have with COVID." Christian continued, "She's on day 12 of it now and thankfully, the last 24 hours or so, she's had no fever and seems to be doing a lot better. The weird thing is, the day after she came down with symptoms, a couple weeks ago, Justin and I came down with very mild versions of the exact same symptoms."

Long then added, "It was the achiness, some nausea, headaches, and then the tightness in the chests, we started noticing. But then the strangest thing that happened, which we then read was typical of this disease, is that, it hasn't happened to me, but Maggie and Christian lost their sense of taste and smell." Long also explained that because he is not in a "high-risk" group, he is unable to get tested.

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Earlier in the month, Christian revealed on Instagram that the brothers had just finished shooting a brand new movie, which the wrote and directed together.

"We just wrapped Lady Of The Manor! @justinlong and I could not feel more proud to have written and directed this special movie," Christian wrote, alongside a photo of himself and Long outside the Wadsworth Manor in Savannah, Georgia.

"Melanie Lynskey, Judy Greer, Ryan Phillippe, Justin, and the rest of the cast are brilliant in this," he added. "And to the crew that stuck with us despite all the obstacles, we are forever in your debt. We truly hope to do it again with you all someday soon. I can't wait for everyone to see this movie."

At this time, medical experts continue to encourage U.S. citizens to practice social distancing and regularly washing their hands, to help limit the spread of coronavirus.