Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown in Wake of Rape Allegations

Justin Bieber appears to be supporting his friend Chris Brown through the latest sexual assault allegations, telling the singer "no one can touch" him.

Bieber and Brown have worked together on a few projects before, and they built up a strong bond in that time. After Brown was arrested for alleged rape on Monday, Bieber offered his support in a comment on Instagram. Brown posted a video of himself dancing on Wednesday, apparently working out new choreography.

"We working," he wrote with an arm flexing emoji.

(Photo: Instagram / Chris Brown)

"No one can touch you ur the GOAT," Bieber wrote, employing the acronym for "greatest of all time."

Nick Cannon also threw out some encouraging words in a comment, writing: "Stay Focused King!"

Many other fans threw their support behind Brown, while some commented begging Bieber to rescind his support.

"Justin... What are you doing," one wrote.

"Really Justin??? Really man?" asked another.

"Delete [please]," another fan wrote simply.

Bieber's choice of words seemed particular, yet unspecific. There is a chance he was not referring to the latest allegations against Brown, though Brown's last two posts beforehand were about the case. Bieber has a lot on his own plate right now, planning a huge celebrity wedding. Either way, the comment brought a lot of negative attention to the singer.

Brown was arrested on Monday in Paris, France following a sexual assault allegation. A 24-year-old model told the police that she met Brown and his friends late on the night of Jan. 15 at a club called Le Crystal. She said that she accompanied the group back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where she was violently sexually assaulted by Brown.

Brown has denied this version of events, claiming that he was playing music in the living room of his hotel suite at the time. He said that he has about 20 witnesses to prove it. The singer was kept in jail until Tuesday along with a friend and his bodyguard before all three were released. His French lawyer, Raphael Chiche, gave a statement to TMZ on Wednesday, announcing that they would counter-sue.

"Chris Brown is free," Chiche said. "No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. A complaint for slanderous denunciation will be filed tomorrow with the public prosecutor of Paris."


Brown was able to post on Instagram from behind bars. In a now-deleted graphic, he wrote "This B— Lyin'." Many doubt Brown, however, as the singer has faced many allegations of sexual assault and violence before.