Justin Bieber Sparks Concern After Bizarre 'Tweaking' Video Surfaces

A video appearing to show Justin Bieber "tweaking" while posing for photos with fans has gone viral, and raised fans' concerns for his health once again. However, the fan in the video insisted that Bieber was perfectly fine and was only playfully meeting with fans in Michigan.

The 18-second clip was posted by Huzlers on YouTube on Sept. 14 and appears to show Bieber, 24, hanging out with a group of fans. It looks like he is making fun of their excitement, but then he is shaking uncontrollably for less than a second before he hugs one of the fans. Just before the video ends, Bieber is seen shaking his fist.

"Tweaking" is a term describing uncontrollable behavior associated with methamphetamine use.

Despite the reaction from fans and tabloids to the video, Gossip Cop reported that there is no reason to be concerned over Bieber's heath. According to the site, the footage was taken on Sept. 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's father, Stephen Baldwin, attended a Christian music event. A fan named Rachel, who is the one posing with Bieber in the clip, posted the footage on her Twitter page after it was taken.

Since tabloids suddenly began reporting on Rachel's video as if it was evidence that Bieber was back to using drugs, she has fought against the rumors.

"I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO USES THAT VIDEO TO SAY JUSTIN IS ON DRUGS. PEOPLE WILL PIN LITERALLY ANYTHING AGAINST JUSTIN...JUST LET HIM BE HAPPY," Rachel wrote on Sept. 20. "It's always the people who know NOTHING about Justin who talk the most s– like maybe fact check first?????? or just...don't say anything???"

In another tweet, Rachel shared screenshots from the video, adding, "HE'S HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND I LOVE HIM."

Rachel later lashed out at TMZ, writing, "y'all idiots...that's me with him...the little girl made a noise and he thought it was adorable .thats it. he was not on ANYTHING. i'm 100% positive. and i'm not just saying that cause i'm a fan."

She also told another Twitter user she had a conversation with Bieber after the video was taken.

Since Bieber's difficult 2014, the singer has stayed on a straight and narrow path, and even got engaged to Hailey Baldwin this summer.

In a recent podcast interview, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, thought Bieber would die in 2014, but one day he decided he needed to change his ways.


"He used to complain, and he used to fight it and that's when he got into a dark place, but when he accepted his responsibility and took a hard look at himself and not what everyone was doing, that's when he owned it and he got healthy," Braun said. "I think for a year and a half I failed miserably trying to help him, because for a year and a half he didn't change… It wasn't until one day he woke up and said, 'Hey I need to talk to you, I don't want to be that person anymore.'"

Photo credit: Ricky Vigil/GC Images/Getty Images