Justin Bieber Lashes out at 'Disrespectful' Fans Camping in Front of His Home

Singer Justin Bieber put fans who camp outside his home on notice in a blunt Instagram post [...]

Singer Justin Bieber put fans who camp outside his home on notice in a blunt Instagram post earlier this week. The "Yummy" singer called it "completely inappropriate and disrespectful" for people to stand outside his apartment to snap pictures of him. Bieber, who did not say if the people camped outside his home were paparazzi or not, will be in New York this weekend to perform on Saturday Night Live.

"How do you convince yourself it's not completely inappropriate and disrespectful to wait outside my home to gawk, stare and take pictures as I walk into my apartment," Bieber wrote on his Instagram Story Wednesday. "This is not a hotel. It's my home." Bieber published the statement just moments before he picked up the Top Country Song award at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles for "10,000 Hours," his collaboration with Dan + Shay. Bieber was also nominated for Top Radio Song and Top Collaboration for "I Don't Care" with Ed Sheeran, and Top R&B Album for Changes.

This is not the first time Bieber's social media posts took a serious turn. In June, an anonymous woman accused Bieber of sexual misconduct in 2014 on Twitter. Bieber denied the allegations and shared detailed evidence to he claims shows he could not have sexually assaulted the woman. The "Sorry" singer then filed defamation lawsuits against the woman and another woman for $10 million, each. In July, a judge ruled that Bieber's attorneys could subpoena Twitter for the identities of the two women, as they noted the women could not be called to testify themselves until they are identified.

Bieber will be appearing on SNL this weekend, with host Issa Rae. The singer released his latest album, Changes, in February. This week, he released "Lonely," a new collaboration with Benny Blanco. The video features actor Jacob Tremblay playing a young Bieber dealing with the pressures of being a superstar at a young age.

In an In The Loop interview, Tremblay said Bieber's team reached out to him about playing the part before he spoke with Bieber himself. "We kind of organized that we would call each other some time, but we didn't really get an exact time, so he ended up calling me when I was in the grocery store," Tremblay recalled. "I was like, to my parents, 'I have to go outside because Justin Bieber's calling me.'" He said he was "nervous" about playing Bieber, since he had never played a real person before. Bieber's other recent songs include "Stuck With U" with Ariana Grande and "Holy" with Chance The Rapper.