Julianne Hough's New 'Pregnancy' Comments in Interview Cast Doubt on Brooks Laich Marriage

Did Julianne Hough just confirm she and her husband Brooks Laich are done? Based on an interview she did with Women's Health, the way she answered a question on whether she and Laich have tried having kids or not, makes it seemingly sound a lot like they may not be an item anymore. Fans have had a hard time in recent months putting their finger on what exactly is going on between them with all the mixed signals, but Hough may have just answered everyone's question.

When the former Dancing with the Stars pro was asked a question regarding getting pregnant, she gave a pretty clear response. "I think the healthier I am from the inside out — as far as my beliefs, my energy, what I'm putting into my body — the better prepared I'll be when the time comes." However, that's not the part that's catching fan attention. When she added on to the question after asked if she and Laich were trying to have children, she admitted that they "never actually tried to get pregnant."

"It was more of a precautionary measure: Let's do our due diligence for the future by freezing eggs," she said. However, the part where Hough says, "We never actually tried" puts that in past tense, potentially insinuating they're already done. This speculation comes after months of confusion on where the couple stand.

While everyone is being forced to quarantine inside their home, it's either put a strain on families, or it's brought them closer together. However, Hough and Laich have been choosing to self-isolate in two separate states — which according to sources, spending this much time apart isn't anything out of the ordinary for the couple. While this may be the case, Laich did reveal on his podcast How Men Think, that the reason why he's separate from his wife during the coronavirus pandemic is because he "always wanted to spend more time" on his property that he owns in Idaho.


"I spend all day outside. I'm outside from like, 7:30 until 5 o'clock. I have 10-and-a-half acres here. Our property's pretty big and I've just been doing a mass cleaning of it. Like, everything. Building some rock walls, chainsawing down some trees, clearing brush, you name it," he explained. He went on to say that he's enjoying his time out in the woods with his dog Koda who he describes as "awesome." Meanwhile, Hough is in Los Angeles, California by herself. No word yet on whether Laich plans on returning to be with his wife or not, but speculation of a divorce has only risen over the months.