Julianne Hough Surprises Her Mom With a House on Mother's Day

While several celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend, Hough did so by gifting her mom, Marriann, a house! That's right, a house. The Dancing with the Stars alum says that her mother continuously gives and so this is now her time to receive. The 31-year-old documented the surprise and posted a few videos and photos to her Instagram account so that fans could see.

"My Mother has given given given..... its now her time to receive [pray hand emoji] Happy Mother's Day Momma! [House emoji]." The video starts with Hough's mom on the porch as the professional dancer asks, "Is this your house, Mom?" In shock, she responded with excitement saying that it is in fact her home, before she runs into the yard to hug a tree. She explains to the camera that she loves trees and that she's going to take good care of the one in her yard.

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After the first video, Hough shared a sweet photo of her mom on the front porch smiling at the camera. She then ended her collage with a video of the mom and daughter duo sharing a loving hug as Hough tells her mom she loves her. While several of her fans reached out to show love for both Hough and her mom on such a special day, one commenter caught the attention of many. Hough's husband Brooks Laich shared his thoughts writing, "The best thing ever!!"

Hough and Laich have been self-isolating separately throughout the pandemic with Laich in Idaho and Hough in Los Angeles, California. While there's been heavy speculation that there's trouble in paradise for the married couple, one source says that them being separated isn't much different from their regular day-to-day life, pre-coronavirus pandemic. "In a lot of ways, absolutely nothing has changed — which is weird because for most people, quarantine has either brought you closer together or driven you further apart," one insider told PEOPLE. "But they've largely been living separate lives for so long that it's just sort of more of the same: She's in her place doing her own thing, he's in his place doing his own thing. They're both staying fairly isolated on their own."


While she may not be near her husband throughout any of this, she did reveal to the source that she is enjoying parts of being forced to stay at home and not travel and work so much. "This time has really given me space to think about the things that are important in my life, my day-to-day interactions," she explained. "I thrive off hustle and creation and energy, but this has given me the space to actually take an hour — which I never have done before — to make a meal for lunch, and go outside and breathe in the air. I just feel more grounded and at peace. Time and space is in its own weird place right now, but I feel like I can breathe."