Judge Judy's New Ponytail Is Being Polled on Twitter, and the Results Are In

After more than 20 years of rocking the same signature hairstyle, Judge Judy has a new 'do, and it has been met with a resounding yes from those online.

During Monday's episode of Judge Judy, Judy Sheindlin, better known to audiences as Judge Judy, debuted a brand new hairstyle, swapping out her iconic look of a brown hair with caramel highlights styled into a short bob in favor of a ponytail.

The new look, marking the first time the 76-year-old TV judge has changed her style in 23 years, sparked a lot of talk online, and the results from one Twitter poll are in: fans are entirely here for the new look.

According to the poll posted by Dave Scheidt, 62 percent of people are in favor the ponytail, while 38 percent are yearning for the days of times past, when Judge Judy donned that beloved bob.

The great hair debate continued in the comments, with many voicing the reasons for their support or dislike.

"I feel good!! She looks refreshed and happy. A strong look for warmer weather," one person wrote. "She's ready to wear a shapeless caftan (perhaps a summer version of her judges robe??) in the Italian countryside."

"I think it looks good and makes her look younger. Very nice," another fan of the style wrote.

"Love Judge Judy but not a fan of the new hairdo. It needs to grow more so the sides can be pulled back better," one person voiced their dismay.

"Love the Judge, but the hairdo, in my opinion, ages her tremendously, and is not flattering," another wrote, adding that "Nothing however will change that great personality and wisdom that I so adore!"

Although the new style only caught attention during the Monday, April 22 episode, Judge Judy actually first rocked the ponytail back in February, with her bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, having shared a photo of the new look on Instagram with the caption "Change is good."

(Photo: Instagram / @burdthebaliff)

Judge Judy, who has built an empire off of her snarky quips on daytime TV, has not yet released a formal statement on her new 'do and the talk it has garnered, though several online couldn't help but note that perhaps she drew inspiration from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is frequently seen with a similar style.

"I think it looks great. Very RBG!" one person wrote.

"Judge Judy with her hair tied back is looking more and more like RBG," another added.


Judge Judy airs on Mondays at 12:35 p.m. ET on ABC.