Judge Judy's New Hairdo Had Fans Taking Photos of Their TV Screens

Judge Judy's new hairstyle might be the career shift that brings new life into her long-running TV [...]

Judge Judy's new hairstyle might be the career shift that brings new life into her long-running TV courtroom show. The highest-paid TV host in the business at the moment introduced viewers to her new look, a more Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired ponytail that sends her bob to the big salon in the sky.

Fans already chimed in when she introduced the hairdo on her show's Instagram page and dropped a few comments on social media, but they aren't done commenting on the new style.

"[Judge Judy] has her hair in a ponytail and I am SHOOK," one fan wrote alongside a photo of her television screen.

(Photo: Twitter / danielleRDH)

"Since when did Judge Judy start wearing her hair like Thomas Jefferson?" another person joked alongside their own shot of the show in action.

"I think it looks great. Very RBG!" a third commenter added to the stack.

Verified Twitter user Dave Scheidt used the initial reaction to the haircut to weigh how fans felt about it compared to her original bob cut. After saying, "I'm here for it, Judy," Scheidt opened it up to the floor and the new look won the poll overwhelmingly with 62 percent.

The fan response is a good bit of news because the change was in the works for a bit according to past hints. If it didn't work or was welcomed with a cold shoulder, Sheindlin would've been stuck with an unpopular haircut for quite a while given the filming schedule of the show.

Luckily the opposite happened and her longtime TV bailiff Petri Hawkins Byrd was proven correct when he shared a photo of her with the ponytail back in February.

"Change is Good," Byrd wrote at the time.

There were some detractors. Apart from the jokes that were made, other fans of Judge Judy had to weigh in with their love of the old bob hairstyle.

"I love my [Judge Judy] but the [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] inspired hairdo has to go. Just sayin'," one commenter said online.

"Love the Judge, but the hairdo, in my opinion, ages her tremendously and is not flattering," another critic wrote.

All this said they weren't ready to ditch Judge Judy just yet. The "great personality and wisdom" is still there, no matter what Sheindlin's hair looks like. You don't just become the highest-paid TV host thanks to your hairstyle.