Josh Duggar's Future Cellmates Complain About Him in Leaked Prison Tape

Josh Duggar's future cellmates are not happy about being paired with the former reality star. Duggar will be serving his 12-year sentence for child pornography at Seagoville FCI in Texas, In a leaked audio recording from the prison, inmates can be heard complaining about being "among another celebrity" while discussing the special treatment they believe Duggar will receive. The audio was leaked on Friday, July 1. "I'm going to get his autograph," one inmate can be heard saying of the 34-year-old star, per InTouch Weekly. "I know he's going to be here a long time." Another inmate chimed in, saying, "They wanted us to come in and make the place look all clean and s–t before he got here. We didn't know what f–k it was." Another added: "I heard about that dude when I was at my last spot."

They then began talking about Duggar's time on reality television and how the allegations against him impacted the show. "When the s–t hit the fan and the show got canceled, all that crazy s–t because of him," one man said about Duggar's legal trouble, adding, "I said, 'It would be crazy being in a unit with somebody like that.'" another added: "You would think with that being a reality show that they wouldn't have canceled it [due to his arrest], that's reality. The thing is reality isn't really reality!" The final chimed in, saying, "It is all scripted," another prisoner added.

Seagoville told the media outlet that they was not aware of any leaked tape. The Bureau of Prison told In Touch in a statement: "We cannot verify the authenticity of the recording you referenced. However, we can assure you, there are qualified management staff at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Seagoville to ensure FCI Seagoville operates in a safe and secure manner while providing programs that are critical for successful prisoner reform and reentry into society."