Jordan Peele Tweets John Singleton Tribute Just Before His Passing

Ahead of John Singleton's passing, fellow filmmaker Jordan Peele tweeted out a tribute to the director.

Singleton passed away on Thursday afternoon, but earlier in the day news outlets had begun reporting that he had already died.

Following those reports, Peele took to Twitter to tweet about the "brave" director and how big of an impact he had on cinema.

A few hours after Peele's message, Singleton's family announced that the director had passed away.

Since then, many more celebrities have taken to social media to post heartfelt messages of sympathy over Singleton's death.

"This is way too sad. The word 'groundbreaker' is thrown around too easily, but it applied to John Singleton, an inspirational, influential film-maker," Baby Driver director Edgar Wright said. "While he had many accomplishments in TV and film, you felt he had still more surprises up his sleeve. 51 is far too young to go."

"I'm really sorry to hear about John Singleton. I saw BOYZ N THE HOOD the night it opened and remember how inspirational it was," Ant-Man director Peyton Reed added. "I had several conversations with John over the years about movies and comics and our industry. A lovely guy. My condolences to the Singleton family."

"Stars in the universe that burn the brightest, live shorter lives than others. And with their high-energy light, they transform all that basks in their luminosity," Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote. "Farewell John Singleton (1968-2019)."


"RIP John Singleton, whose films poignantly depicted, humanized & articulated the beauty & struggle of S. Central & L.A. life as well as anyone," rapper Biz Markie commented. "The best filmmaker of the hip hop generation, a creator of vivid 3-dimensional characters whose work eternally defined a place & time."

At this time, no memorial or funeral arrangements for Singleton have been announced.