John Mulaney Investigated by Secret Service Over 'SNL' Julius Caesar Joke

Comedian John Mulaney has revealed that the Secret Service investigated him over joke told about Julius Caesar on SNL. The remark in question — which Mulaney delivered when he hosted the show in February — was not technically about outgoing President Donald Trump, rather it was about the historical Roman leader who was murdered by a group of politicians. Comparing Trump to Ceasar seems to be where things went wrong.

During a virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Mulaney shared that quip landed him in hot water with the President's protection department. "And I said that’s an interesting thing that can happen," he said. "There’s a service that operates for the President and they’re secret. They’re a secret service…They investigated me, and I guess they opened a file on me because of the joke. Am I stoked there’s a file on me? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it in the moment? Not so much."

He explained that "they were very nice in the interview," and then joked. "In terms of risk assessment, no one who’s ever looked at me thought I registered above a 1." Mulaney then shared, "Then I’m cleared by the secret service I’ve been told. I failed to realize that after telling the Secret Service that they had nothing else to worry about, that I had leased an apartment for one year in Washington D.C. and that that apartment was across the street from the Secret Service building. It had a planned vibe to it."

Mulaney is not alone on the list of celebrities who've been interviewed by the Secret Service regarding potential presidential threats to Trump, as rapper Eminem was as well. In 2017. Eminem delivered a freestyle rap during the BET Awards and had some very harsh words for Trump. In the freestyle, he referred to Trump as a "kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust" and said that "racism’s the only thing he’s fantastic for." Eminem also called Trump "Donald the b—" during the freestyle and added, "That’s an awfully hot coffee pot. Should I drop it on Donald Trump? Probably not."

He later referenced his Secret Service meeting in the song "The Ringer," from his 2018 album, Kamikaze. In the song, Eminem referred to Trump as Agent Orange, and said that he "just sent the Secret Service / To meet in person / To see if I really think of hurting him / Or ask if I’m linked to terrorists." No word on if the follow-up rap sparked another conversation with the Secret Service.