Jodie Foster Coyly Addresses Her Shailene Woodley-Aaron Rodgers Connection

Jodie Foster is very happy she is part of the Green Bay Packers family. On Thursday, the actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her new movie The Mauritanian, which also stars Shailene Woodley. It was recently reported that Woodley is engaged to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and Foster, who is a huge Packers fan, was excited when Rodgers thanked her during his acceptance speech for winning the NFL MVP award. In the speech, Rodgers said, "Off the field, I've got a great group of people that support me, so I'd like to thank my team."

"You see, he said 'my team,' even though he said 'off the field.' That makes me a Green Bay Packer," Foster, 58, joked after Jimmy Kimmel asked about Rodgers' shout-out. "People keep saying to me, 'No, Jodie, that does not mean you're part of the team.' But it does mean I'm part of the team." Foster was then asked if she knew Rodgers. She said no, but, "He just knows I'm his biggest fan."

Kimmel then asked the Academy Award-winning actress if her shoutout from Rodgers and the fact that she's starring in a movie with Rodgers' fiancee was a coincidence. "I don't know if that's a coincidence, but yes, she is, and she's fantastic," Foster said. "We spent a lot of time on The Mauritanian together in a little tent with a little air conditioning spitting at us, talking about our lives and recipes and people we hate and things like that." Foster then mentioned that the "Green Bay Packers somehow came up!"

Rodgers announced he was engaged shortly after reports of him dating Woodley surfaced. The 37-year-old was previously in a relationship with former NASCAR star Danica Patrick. The couple broke up in July 2020. Around that time, a sports gossip site, Terez Owens, reported that Rodgers started dating Woodley, 29, after he was introduced to her by Patrick.


"It's an honor to win this award for the third time. 2020 was definitely a crazy year filled with lots of change and growth, some amazing memorable moments. 180 straight days of having my nose hair scraped, playing for very little fans or no stands the entire season," Rogers said. He then casually mentions he "got engaged." and later went on to thank "my fiance" when stating he has a "great group of people that support me."