Jimmy Fallon's Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade Appearance Has Social Media Speculating He's 'Drunk'

Jimmy Fallon’s performance with The Roots at the 93rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has left some fans wondering if he was "drunk." Appearing on a giant Entenmann's float as the parade made its way from 77th Street and Central Park West in Manhattan to Macy's flagship store in Herald Square in New York City, the late night talk show host appeared to be without inhibition, Fallon seen jumping up and down, flinging his arms about, and lip-syncing.

As the performance continued, many fans took to social media to comment, with dozens wondering if he had consumed a few drinks too many to muster up the courage for the performance.

“Ah yes I love seeing Jimmy Fallon lip-syncing 'The Bird is The Word' on a cookie company float while drunk and holding the mic away from his mouth,” one person wrote in response to the performance.

“Jimmy Fallon is so drunk he can’t even lip sync,” a second viewer tweeted.

“How drunk do we think Jimmy Fallon was at the Macy’s Day Parade? One or two bottles of tequila in?” someone else asked.

“Jimmy Fallon is clearly drunk and I can’t believe they don’t let anyone actually sing in this parade,” a fourth commented.

“So how drunk do we all think Jimmy Fallon is on this float singing Bird Is The Word right now?” another viewer questioned.

“Jimmy Fallon is DRUNK,” yet another speculated in a tweet.

Although Fallon has not responded to the rumors, he did show off his pre-show shenanigans on Instagram when he shared a photo of himself and several others hanging out with Ronald McDonald. No alcohol was visible in the picture for those sleuthing to confirm their speculations, and those in the comments simply stated their excitement to watch his performance.


Thankfully for Fallon, he was far from the only Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade flub. Celine Dion's performance of her new hit “Imperfections” during the annual parade was met with little fanfare, some calling it “weird” while others were confused by the lyrics, believing she was singing about "infections."

Meanwhile, a performance from Beetlejuice The Musical had many believing it was an odd addition to the lineup, considering that the song sung was about death and featured dancing skeletons on a day that is instead synonymous with turkeys and giving thanks.