Jim Carrey Shares Provocative MAGA Drawing: 'Make America Die for Him'

Jim Carrey does not hide his feelings toward Donald Trump, his administration or his supporters in [...]

Jim Carrey does not hide his feelings toward Donald Trump, his administration or his supporters in the MAGA movement. His paintings referencing the president have gone viral several times, sometimes in an unusual fashion and rubbing some the wrong way. His latest takes inspiration from the coronavirus pandemic and pulls no punches on Trump's handling of the response to the virus.

The painting features a man wearing an oxygen mask and lying in a hospital bed. He's wearing a MAGA hat on his head, but instead of the usual text, it reads, "Make America Die For Him." Carrey wrote, "176,000 and counting" alongside his painting, eliciting some varied responses from critics and Trump supporters.

"I'm seeing so many people defending trump, and i could say SO MUCH, but ill leave this food for thought: how can you support a man who tried to convince your country that you can drink bleach to cure yourself from the coronavirus? or considers the BLM movement a symbol of hate?" one person wrote.

"You are part of the problem Jim. Thank you for showing us your true colors. There is a reason hellywood is silent regarding paedophila and human trafficking and that includes you," another wrote, criticizing Carrey's focus.

"You are a fine actor. You are of course entitled you your opinion, but it's nonsense to think that a national leader is the main cause of virus deaths where much of the response is rightly being handled at a state level," a third wrote, attempting to claim the president shouldn't be held responsible for the poor response.

The discussion under the post from Carrey devolved quickly into conspiracy theories and old defenses of the response, including pointing out H1N1 deaths and annual deaths from car accidents.

Carrey is far from alone in his criticism of President Trump. His coronavirus response was a significant theme of the Democratic National Convention last week. As we get closer to Election Day, it is clear that the coronavirus pandemic will be a major force for both parties. The Republican National Convention begins on Monday, so we can expect the debate over the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. response will take center stage as the president and his supporters attempt to change the narrative.