Jessica Alba's Twitter Hacked, Racist and Homophobic Messages Shared to Account

Jessica Alba's Twitter account was hacked overnight, and the results were not pretty. Late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, the Fantastic Four and L.A.'s Finest actress' account was used by an unknown hacker to send a series of seemingly random racist, homophobic, ableist and strange messages.

Explicit content ahead; reader discretion is advised.

In the messages captured by users who ere online at the time, the hacker said they "hate handicap f—s," wished that "n—s would stop committing crimes," claimed that "Nazi Germany did nothing wrong" and other offensive statements.

They also voiced support for YNW Melly, a hip-hop artist who has been accused of murder, and the Instagram account @dann. It is unclear if the Instagram user, who only goes by the name Daniel, is responsible for the hack.

Twitter had a field day with the hack, with many hypothesizing that the 38-year-old actress was probably asleep during the whole ordeal. Her name even started trending because of the hack.

Some even went as far as sympathizing with Alba, but most just kicked back and enjoyed the bizarre stream of messages unfold.

Alba has not commented on the hack as of press time, but the offending messages have been scrubbed from her account, with the exception off a few odd retweets.


Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television