Jessica Alba Instagram Hacked Days After Twitter Account

Jessica Alba is having a bad week on social media. Just two days after her Twitter account was [...]

Jessica Alba is having a bad week on social media. Just two days after her Twitter account was hacked by a user espousing racist, homophobic and other offensive messages, the actress' Instagram account appears to have been victim of the same hacker.

Explicit content ahead. Reader discretion is advised.

As first reported by Page Six, Alba's account appeared to be taken over Tuesday morning by a user posting support for rapper YNW Melly, currently charged with double murder in Florida. Telling Alba's followers to follow them on Twitter at @grinchsquad1989, the hacker stirred up anger with an offensive statement: "Nazi Germany is innocent no matter what y'all say I swear to God."

The hacker also made mention of Alba's 2005 role in the Fantastic Four, alluding to his age by writing, "Jessica, when I was a little kid, 6 years old, I used to watch fantastic four, and I loved you please forgive me I'm just having fun," and asked for "just one percent" of her bank account.

Alba's social media team was quick to take the messages down, but screenshots have been posted all over the platform by angry fans.

Tuesday's cyber attack was very similar to Alba's Twitter hack, in which the hacker made offensive statements about Nazi Germany, black people, people with disabilities and homosexuals while offering support to YNW Melly.

Alba appeared to be sleeping during the Twitter hack, which occurred late at night, posting a photo of son Hayes crying the following day with the caption, "Me yesterday — when you wake up and realize your Twitter got hacked while you were asleep!"

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Fans were quick to wish her well during the scary invasion.

"Oh my gosh, thank God. I was stress eating all morning watching the nightmare of your Insta hack," one user commented. "It was awful!!!!! Glad you have it back!!! So sorry."

"Lmfao the fact that you were the number 1 trend worldwide and then I clicked on it and died for you," another added. "That was WILD .. we were all SHOOK as hell ."

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