'Jerry Maguire' Star Jonathan Lipnicki Resurfaces While Doing an Incredibly Good Deed

Jerry Maguire star Jonathan Lipnicki was spotted out and about in Hollywood this week. This time, he was caught being a good samaritan. Lipnicki, who's known to have some proficient MMA fighting skills, was helping escort a group of Orthodox Jewish people to temple from Anti-semitic attacks.

He was joined by fellow actor and martial artist Remi Franklin as the two were prepared to help the people in the area get to and from temple service safely. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the duo has had to help fend off Anti-Semitic attacks. The martial arts fighters were also caught in a similar situation in May after a group of Pro-Palestinian men were seen harassing and attacking Jews outside of Sushi Fumi in Los Angeles.

The rise in anti-semitic attacks in the U.S. comes after the escalating politics between Israel and Palestine reportedly led Lipnicki to join Franklin as part of an MMA volunteer group aiming to help protect people. "A lot of people are definitely scared," he told the Los Angeles Times. "It's a scary time for the Jewish community." After the May incident, Franklin took to Instagram where he offered his services for anyone within the Jewish community seeking protection. "If anyone in the Jewish community in greater L.A. is concerned about walking to Shul or home ... I'll walk with you," he wrote in the post. "Just ask," he wrote. "I don't care the day, hour or time. … Since nobody will step up ... I will, my friends will and your community will."


"It's jiu-jitsu, it's boxing, it's mixed martial arts, and it's people that are just friends with them and want to do something," Franklin said, describing the group of helpers. "We have ladies who are former dancers and gymnasts who are walking with people because it makes the women feel more comfortable."