Jeremy Meeks' Ex-Wife Wants Child Support and the 'Slut Shaming' to Stop

Melissa Meeks, former wife of the ex-convict-turned-model sensation Jeremy Meeks, says that her ex-husband has stopped paying child support. She has filed legal documents attempting to force Meeks to resume his payments, claiming that she's reaching a point of desperation trying to pay all the bills herself while caring for their child.

Melissa also took the time to point of the inappropriate comments of Jeremy and his new girlfriend, Chloe Green. "Shame on Ms. Green for attempting to slut shame me," she said, though she gave no indication as to when or where the shaming took place. Meeks, however, has publicly commented on an Instagram post of Melissa's, which shows her posing in her underwear.

"Jeremy struts around on a catwalk in his underwear and that's ok for our son to see, but my attempts to help shape my public image are wrong?" She asked. "I am shocked that Jeremy and his attorney attempt to slut shame me as they do."

Comments about promiscuity are odd coming from Meeks, who has been labeled "the hot felon" by the media. Meeks did two years in prison for assaulting a 16-year-old when he was eighteen. After his mugshot went viral online, he was offered a modeling contract and has been working on the catwalk ever since.


Melissa says that Meeks only spent thirty days with their son out of the first 130 days of their separation. She also says he's stopped supporting them entirely in that time. According to Melissa's Instagram, she's a registered nurse.