Jennifer Lopez Suffers Bloody Injury During Las Vegas Show

Jennifer Lopez didn't get out of her recent Las Vegas show without taking a scratch or two. Not [...]

Jennifer Lopez didn't get out of her recent Las Vegas show without taking a scratch or two. Not only did the pop star feel like she didn't provide the best performance possible for the audience, but she also drew blood after hitting herself with her own microphone.

"I was bleeding, [it was] coming down my face," Lopez can be seen telling boyfriend Alex Rodriguez in a video posted to her YouTube page titled "It's My Party Tour Diary: Volume One."

The accident seems to stem from Lopez missing a few cues on stage according to TooFab, flubbing up the choreography and hitting her forehead with the mic, drawing blood.

"I hit myself with the microphone. Went like this; boom! I just looked to the side at the wrong time," Lopez recounts to Rodriguez in the clip. "Pete came, like a boxer, and he just crushed it."

Lopez fought back tears while telling her fiancee the story and explained how her team managed to stop any swelling with ice -- just like any good cornerman would do for a boxer.

"And I was like, 'It hurts!' And he was like, 'I gotta do it or else it's gonna blow up.' And he just went down, and he goes, 'You might need stitches.' And I was like, 'No, no, no stitches," Lopez tearfully recounted. She also added that her face was dripping with blood before they managed to take care of the wound.

Rodriguez, in true loving fashion, comforts Lopez in the clip and does his best to tell her that everything will be fine and that her show was one of the best yet.

"It was the best show I've seen so far. You guys killed it! And you showed why you're a champion baby. You were down and you still came back up and had the best show," Rodriguez told Lopez. "You don't see how great you are. You really have no idea. Baby, nobody's looking at steps. People are looking at how beautiful you look and how great you sound."

The pop star gushed over the praise and later told her manager that's why she loved the former MLB all-star.

"Whether he wants to or not, we're getting married. We're getting married forever," Lopez said in the clip.

PEOPLE magazine previously reported that the couple likely won't be doing a huge wedding, opting instead for a "small family celebration" including all four of their children.

The couple has shown they are strong together and enjoy each other's company over the past year, even making a big splash at the Met Gala earlier this year. While both have been married before, this could be the moment they've been waiting for.