Jennifer Lopez Called out by Ex-Boyfriend Drake in New Song

While most of social media was scrambling late Friday night with the government shutdown, rapper Drake released two new songs off his next EP, "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity."

The latter of the two caught people's attention with a lyric directed at his ex-flame, Jennifer Lopez.

"2010 was when I lost my halo / 2017 I lost a J. Lo / A Rotterdam trip had me on front page, though," Drake says in the song.

The line "A Rotterdam trip" could be a reference to tabloid photos of him eating at a Netherlands restaurant in January 2017, but many of his fans on social media think the first two syllables "A-Rot" sound very similar to "A-Rod," aka Alex Rodriguez, Lopez's current boyfriend.

"In 2010 I lost my halo, in 2017 I lost a JLo and then the next 2 syllables out his mouth are literally A Rod... I love drake so much," one fan tweeted.

"That's cute that Drake ever thought he had JLO in order to lose her," another posted with a gif of Lopez giving a shrug.

The two were briefly an item in 2017, before Lopez moved on to start dating Rodriguez.


"Well Jennifer's amazing…it's nice…you're gonna make me blush now," Rodriguez said in an interview with E! News back in September.. "Now I'm sweating. No, she's an amazing girl."

With engagement rumors (along with a rumor that Lopez was pregnant with his child, though that was later disproved) swirling around the two, the dup were last scene in Puerto Rico voicing their approval of the #MeToo movement during the Golden Globes earlier this month.