Jennifer Lawrence Faces Backlash for Golden Globes Makeup Mock

Fans cracked up at Jennifer Lawrence's video on Facebook following the Golden Globe Awards on Monday. However, some were appalled by the actress making light of such a serious night.

This year's Golden Globes became the culmination of the entertainment industry's internal struggle against sexual harassment and abuse. Women and men arrived at the awards show in black out of solidarity with victims. Many also brought prominent activists and feminists as their guests, and many acceptance speeches revolved around the shifts in Hollywood.

Lawrence's video contrasted that tone. In it, she appears in profile, explaining to Emma Stone — who is on the other side of the camera — how she was halfway prepared to go out to the after parties when Stone changed her mind and said she wanted to hang out at home.

"So, I sent my hair and makeup team home and now this is what I look like," Lawrence said, turning to reveal that only half of her face had make-up on it.

While the gag was entertaining to most fans, some saw it as a missed opportunity to do some good.

"You didn't show because you're not affected by other women's struggles or issues," one user wrote. "You're still making money so why rock the boat right? You just wanted to go the after parties but that night was about more than partying you selfish brat. I hope Hollywood disowns you soon so I'm not forced to look at your face anymore on the screen."

"You are aware that she's messing around and that whole video was scripted for a bit of fun, right?" someone else asked.

"I'm aware Harvey Weinstein made her an A celebrity by petitioning her Oscar win for Silver Linings Playbook," the original commenter fired back, "and am aware she has said nothing of merit about the Times Up or Me Too movement."

"She has a long history of not supporting women's rights and is also rude to her fans," the agitated follower went on. "If you want to defend a celebrity make sure they are worth defending, And yes it was a joke, so funny on such a powerfully serious night."