Jennifer Aniston's Resurfaced Interview with David Letterman Leaves Fans Disturbed

An old Jennifer Aniston interview with David Letterman is making the rounds again, and under the current context of 2021, fans of the actress are left feeling uncomfortable after watching it through a new lens. In the interview, the famed host and comedian cracks a few jokes but at one point seems to make his guest uncomfortable when he moves behind her and asks her to sit still as he attempts to stick a piece of her hair in his mouth. "Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try one thing," he said.

"I get nervous, especially with you, I get nervous," she told the host of doing interviews with journalists at the beginning of their conversation, which makes the interaction even more cringe-worthy. While she played along with the game, laughing in front of the audience, she apparently couldn't hide her real feelings as she wiped the saliva from her hair with a tissue.

Jennifer Aniston fans jumped to social media in defense of the star over 20 years after the initial interaction. "This horrific. We need to keep remembering this stuff happened and still does in people’s everyday lives," a Twitter user said of the hair-sucking incident. "I don’t know how David Letterman still had a platform after he got up in Jennifer Aniston's space and started licking her hair on live television.. he needs jail time," someone else wrote.