Jenna Bush Hager Shares Tribute to Late Grandfather George H.W. Bush With Rarely Seen Photos

Jenna Bush Hager took a moment over the holiday weekend to pay tribute to her late grandfather and former President George H.W. Bush. The former president passed away one year ago on Nov. 30, 2018 at 94, following his wife and former First Lady, Barbara Bush who passed in April 2018 at the age of 92.

Hager shared a set of throwback photos of her grandfather, whom she refers to as Gampy, on her Instagram page as she honored his life and remembered his passing at the close of the Thanksgiving holiday.

"One year yesterday, we lost our Gamps. He is gone but he left behind a family that loves each other — we talked yesterday about how much we love him and each other. He showed us that serving with humility is the best way to serve and that living with kindness and generosity of spirit is the best way to live," Hager wrote in the caption for the post. "We miss you Gampy, but as Mila said yesterday: don't worry mama, he's celebrating in heaven with Ganny."

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The photos show Hager as a kid next to her sister Barbara, embracing their grandfather in one photo and sitting beside him in the front lawn in another. A third photo captures the sisters holding each other while standing over their grandfather's grave marker.

TODAY covered the emotional post and pointed out how much H.W. Bush influenced both women, noting how Barbara Bush chose her wedding date right after getting engaged so the elderly former president could attend the wedding.

The loss of her grandfather is only one of the signposts Hager has had planted since 2018. The biggest is the birth of her third child with husband Henry Hager, a baby boy named Hal. The family recently posed for their first Thanksgiving with a new addition to the clan.

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She also recently celebrated a birthday alongside her twin sister, turning 38 together. Hager celebrated the moment with a touching story on Instagram.


"Another trip around the sun with my sissy!!! We were seven when we went on our first flight without our parents. We should have been scared as we flew the hour to visit our grandparents in Midland. But we weren't. Not at all. Holding Barbara's hand as I walked down the tarmac, I felt brave. She's always made me feel more courageous. And funny. No one laughs at my jokes like she does," Hager wrote. "On the flight, we got into an argument as sisters do. I was most likely more aggressive. After a while, the man seated on the aisle said, looking at my sister: "Are you going to hit her or should I?" And that ended our fight. We were a team again . She — protecting me — put her little arm around my shoulder. No one was going to hurt her sister. And that's my sister: all heart and all action. She loves fiercely and lives joyfully. And, I'm so lucky she's mine!"