Former '90210' Star Jason Priestley Reveals He Once Punched Harvey Weinstein in the Face

Jason Priestley got some vindication this week when he shared a story about punching Harvey Weinstein in the face.

The exchange began with a tweet from actress Mira Sorvino. Peter Jackson had just admitted that he didn't hire Sorvino or Ashley Judd for his Lord of The Rings trilogy because of tips from people at Miramax. In an interview with Stuff, Jackson publicly apologized to the two actresses and denounced Weinstein.

Sorvino retweeted the article, thanking Jackson for his honesty. She agreed that Weinstein probably spoke poorly of her and Judd as retribution after they rebuked his sexual advances. Many people chimed in to offer their sympathy on the revelation, among them was actress Tara Strong.

Strong tweeted that Priestley probably faced similar blacklisting by the Weinstein Company after punching Harvey Weinstein in the face. Of course, fans couldn't let the story go without more details, and Priestley was happy to oblige.

In a succession of three tweets, Priestley relayed the story of punching Weinstein at a Miramax party after the 1995 Golden Globes.


To many fans it sounded like a misunderstanding in the chaos of a big party, but that didn't make it any less cathartic.