Jason Momoa's Elvis Presley Halloween Costume Drives 'Ellen' Viewers Wild

Fans are still reeling from Jason Momoa's Elvis Presley Halloween costume on Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous show this week. Momoa was one of several stars to stop by the set in costume on Thursday, and one of the most memorable by far. His reign as the King of Rock n' Roll is still in full effect on Twitter.

Momoa wore pink from head to toe on Thursday in his over-the-top Presley costume. The actor had everything from the bell-bottom pants to the silky cape. Of course, he included the sunglasses, sideburns and hair as well, but the real finisher was his acting, as he embodied Presley perfectly on stage.

"I am obsessed with Elvis, slightly," Momoa told DeGeneres. "I just love him. My mama raised me on him, and I'm still obsessed. I bought a bike like him, and I got an old '55 pink Cadillac."

As the clip of Momoa's appearance makes the rounds, it is still a heavy hitter on social media this weekend. Nearly 6,000 users "liked" the clip on Twitter from their belated Halloween parties on Friday and Saturday night.

"Good god! Look at all those giddy women," one person wrote.

"Jason Momoa is King & awesome. His wife is beautiful & hes much younger giving us women the hope that not all men are shallow," remarked another.

"Momoa is too cute to be a part of Halloween," a third person tweeted.

Momoa's costume was so enthralling that it even distracted temporarily from DeGeneres' own. She went as "Cardi E," her own take on rapper Cardi B's iconic look. Cardi herself visited the set on Thursday to approve of the costume, and even offer DeGeneres a twerking lesson.

Even with their costumes on, DeGeneres and Momoa got in a full interview during his time on the show. Momoa remarked on his recent reunion with his Game of Thrones co-stars Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. He admitted that Harington did not love the attention the three of them got whenever they hung out together.

"Kit's shy," he said. "He doesn't like social media as much as I do so I just...every time I see him I get excited, I'm an excitable guy. So me and Emilia get together and he's just like, 'Oh, let me guess, it's gonna be all over the Internet.' So I said, 'I won't post it, I promise I won't post it.' So it was my phone, of course I would send it to Emilia and I knew Emilia would post it."


Momoa played Khal Drogo, the first husband of Clarke's character Daenerys on Game of Thrones. Though he was only in the first season, he is inextricably linked to the show to this day, and he even came up in the retrospective panel the writers gave at the Austin Film Festival last week.

The Ellen Show airs on weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on NBC.