Jason Biggs’ Dad From 'American Pie' Meets His and Jenny Mollen’s New Baby

They may not be old enough to watch the cult classic movie yet, but Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen's kids spent some quality time with Biggs' American Pie dad, Eugene Levy, on Monday.

Jason’s father stopped by to meet the baby. ( the apple is purely coincidental)

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Mollen shared a photo of 71-year-old Levy meeting 3-month-old baby Lazlo while hanging out with Biggs and almost-4-year-old Sid.

"Jason’s father stopped by to meet the baby,” the 38-year-old actress and author joked in a glimpse of the reunion on Instagram.

"The apple is purely coincidental," she added, throwing a wink at the title of the 1999 film. In the comedy, Biggs played a teenager who finds himself in many awkward positions with his parents — including getting caught in a compromising position with his mom’s freshly baked pie.

Shortly after posting the photos, Mollen's followers chimed in with enthusiastic responses.

"Omg this is the best thing I’ve ever seen," one fan exclaimed.

Another person chimed in, "Haha love the #apple reference!"

"This is my favorite photo you’ve ever posted," one particularly thrilled fan wrote.

"We'll just tell your mother we ate it," one person said, quoting an infamous line of Levy's from the movie.

As previously reported, Mollen and Biggs welcomed their second child, son Lazlo, in October. The couple tied the knot in 2009 after several months of dating and also share their oldest son Sid, who will turn 4 in February.

Biggs and Levy co-starred together in all four movies of the franchise — American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding and American Reunion. In November, Biggs opened up about working on the films and even revealed who he almost lost the part of Jim Levenstein to.

“I wanted [the role] so badly!” he told Us Weekly. “I knew I did well. I heard from the directors that I was their top choice but the studio kind of had someone else in mind. Jonathan Taylor Thomas actually, from Home Improvement. They wanted to see that through because he was a name.”

Biggs added that the director really pushed for him to get the role — and he landed it after Thomas opted out.

“I never talked to JTT before or after, but I am incredibly grateful because I think he passed. I think he actually had the offer, if I’m correct … Theoretically, he could have done it but at the time, I think it didn’t fit with his more family-oriented brand,” he added.