Jane Seymour Speaks out on the Moment She Caught Her Fourth Husband Cheating With a Woman She Knew

Jane Seymour’s divorce from fourth husband, James Keach might be four years behind her, but the former Bond girl and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star admits she still gets up upset thinking about the dissolution of her marriage that left her “devastated.” According to The Daily Mail, Seymour’s life has had its ups and downs after Keach “made the choice” with their marriage dissolving in 2015, telling the outlet she was “deeply wounded” amid the loss with the actor and director after two decades together.

“Choices were made that I couldn’t live with,” Seymour said, choosing her words carefully for the Daily Mail. “I thought we were going to be married forever, but James made a choice that I wasn’t privy to. He found someone else. I felt horrible, devastated.”

The 68-year-old admits she doesn’t do “betrayal” well. “If someone says: ‘Things aren’t good, let’s separate,’ it would be different. But I was never privy to that conversation,” she said. “By the time I found out — entirely by accident — it had been going on for some time, so that was that. It was someone I knew, so that was very frightening. I tried to figure something out, but I realised that the marriage wasn’t going to work. We are friends now, and were always determined to be good parents, but it was devastating at the time.”

She admits the timing was horrible and left her feeling “vulnerable.”

“My self-confidence took a real knock. I tried a bit of dating — not anything like Tinder. That sounds just horrible. But friends introduced me to friends. However, there was never a spark,” she said.

That is until she met film producer and now boyfriend of five years, David Green, someone of whom she admits has helped her regain her confidence. “I feel so supported,” she said. “He doesn’t even flinch when a team of people arrive at 3am to do my hair and make-up for a photoshoot. Because he’s in the business, he completely understands the odd hours I work.”


Amid the breakup, Seymour and Keach are now friendly, putting it all behind them to co-parent their children together. Seymour has four children: Katie, 37, and Sean, 34, from her marriage to businessman and third husband, David Flynn; and 23-year-old twins John and Kris, from her 20-year marriage to Keach. She is also the stepmother to Kalen Keach and Jenni Flynn.

Photo credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Audi