Jana Kramer Sounded off on Justin Timberlake's Hand-Holding Scandal, and Onlookers Have Thoughts

Jana Kramer has thoughts on Justin Timberlake getting handsy with Alisha Wainwright — which some of her fans find a little strange, considering her husband Mike Caussin's past infidelities to her. During Sunday's episode of her podcast, Whine Down, Kramer told Caussin and guest co-host Sara Cusick that Timberlake and Wainwright holding hands was "just wrong."

"It's just because again, you're putting yourself in a bad situation of basically like, hey, you're inviting the next step if there's a next step," the One Tree Hill alum said, continuing that she's "held hands with people" that she was not dating before she married Caussin. However, she said she "learned" that such behavior isn't appropriate.

The Dancing With the Stars alum then didn't mince words when warning Caussin, an ex-NFL player, about what would happen if he ever got handsy with another woman: "I would slaughter you if your hands were on someone else," she said.

While some fans agreed wholeheartedly with Kramer, others wondered how her view could be so one-sided considering her and Caussin's past marriage troubles.

"She's one to talk when she's back with her cheating husband," one Twitter user wrote.

"Yeah she's not the one to ask lol. None of her business when she's sleeping with a dog," someone else agreed.

"Who asked Jana Kramer? Shouldn't she be focused on her own sitch.........." one Facebook user wrote.

"I'm a fan of Jana Kramer, but I really don't feel like she should be commenting given her situation with her husband. It just seems a little hypocritical to me," another Facebook user said.

Kramer and Caussin separated in 2016 after she learned about infidelity on his part, although they renewed their vows in 2017. In March, Kramer revealed that Caussin, a sex addict, had a relapse in 2018 — although he said at the time that he never had sex outside the marriage after being caught in 2016.

"Whether he ends up meeting with someone or not … That last relapse, he almost did, and I was going to sign the papers," Kramer explained on the podcast at the time. "So it's like, he gets even close to the fire, and I'm gone. I'm like, does he not know that and realize that and love our family enough?"


"I saw it, and … my heart just fell. I was like, it's here. It's happened again. I'm such a f—ing idiot … Like, how is this happening again?" she said. "I don't want to live this kind of life. We just moved into this beautiful house, and we had our second kid, and we fought so hard. Why is this happening again?"

As for Timberlake and Wainwright, the Palmer co-stars were spotted holding hands under a table while on a balcony at a bar in New Orleans. One photo shows Wainwright resting her hand on Timberlake's thigh. A representative for the actress told PEOPLE that "there is no validity" to the speculation surrounding them. Neither Timberlake nor Biel have publicly commented on the photos.