Jack Osbourne’s New Selfie With Pops Ozzy And Daughter Pearl Warms Our Heart

Jack Osbourne is enjoying family time with his rock-and-roll legend dad, Ozzy Osbourne, and his [...]

Jack Osbourne is enjoying family time with his rock-and-roll legend dad, Ozzy Osbourne, and his five-year-old daughter Pearl. While traveling back home to Los Angeles on Wednesday, the 31-year-old reality star captured an adorable moment with the two of them.

Homeward bound. See he's just like us. #southwestairlines #familytrip #ozzyandjack #season2

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The Osbournes star shared the picture with the caption: "Homeward bound. See he's just like us. #southwestairlines #familytrip #ozzyandjack #season2."

The image shows the three generations of Osbournes flashing smiles while seated together on a Southwest Airlines flight. With Jack snapping the selfie, Ozzy sits in the middle wearing a hat and sunglasses while Pearl is looking totally happy as she was able to snag the window seat.

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The father and son duo are currently filming the second series of their reality series, Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, according to Entertainment Tonight. On the show, which airs on the History Channel, the two travel to different landmarks across the world and learn more about the history and culture of the locals.

This past week, the crew has been on an adventure on Route 66. On Wednesday, Jack took to Instagram to share a photo of Pearl standing in front of an 1860s-era Arizona jail.

Jack captioned the snap: "She's escaped!! Pearls been traveling [with] me and Papa this week. It's been a total blast. I love having her come to work with us. #oxxyandjack #season2."

In a recent interview with People magazine, Jack Osbourne spoke out about parenting Pearl and his nearly 2-year-old daughter Andy Rose.

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"I think I'm a pretty realistic parent," Osbourne said. "I like to try and ride the line of being fun, but yet mean [when] I say, 'This is how it's gonna be.' "

Jack also revealed what approach his parents - Sharon and Ozzy - took with him and his sister Kelly Osbourne that he thought were effective parenting techniques.

"Both my parents were really big about the way they communicated to us. My mom would always talk to us like we're humans — same with my dad," he said. "It was never that, like, 'We're your parents and we're just this dominant figure in your life.' It [was] always a conversation, which I think is really important to be able to have — communicating with a kid on their level versus trying to talk down to a kid."

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