Jack Osbourne Goes After Wendy Williams for Joking About Amie Harwick's Death

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams made a wildly inappropriate joke about the death of celebrity therapist Amie Harwick, and now Jack Osbourne is going after her. Harwick — who was previously engaged to The Price is Right host Drew Carey — was killed over the weekend by an ex-boyfriend who pushed her off a balcony. On Tuesday, while telling her audience about Harwick's murder, Williams said, "She was killed. Not by Drew," and then described the manner of death. There TV host then paused and broke the silence by saying, "Come on down," which is The Price Is Right's famous catchphrase.

Osbourne has since come to the defense of Harwick, tweeting out, "Hey @WendyWilliams, Amie was a friend. How dare you be so rude and shallow to make a 'joke' out of something that is not funny in the slightest. She was tragically murdered, yet you somehow tried to make light of that. Shame on you. Smh."

Many of Osbourne's Twitter followers have also commented, with one writing, "Wendy Williams should be ashamed for the comments she spews out daily. Her only claim to fame is her chest and I find her to have no talent whatsoever."

"How Dare she make light of the fact that this woman was murdered, Wendy has serious issues," added another user. "Like is it that hard for people to understand people are in mourning? Like first Gale king digs up Kobe's past, now Wendy is cracking jokes about murder? Crazy!"

"There's a big difference between funny and cruel. Wendy has crossed the line too many times and it's happening more frequently. Enough. Compassion goes a long way, try it," commented someone else.


Williams is widely know for her controversial opinions, having recently come under fire for telling gay men that they shouldn't wear heels or shirts, as well as for mocking actor Joaquin Phoenix's appearance, which was taken as a slight by the cleft community.

Williams did eventually apologize for these comments, but at this time does not appear, to have apologized for her joke about Harwick.