Jack Nicholson Resurfaces for Rare Appearance at Lakers Game

Jack Nicholson made a rare public appearance on Tuesday as he sat court-side at an L.A. Lakers game. The actor has been enjoying his retirement in private, for the most part, but this week fans got another glimpse of him. He seemed carefree as he enjoyed the game.

Nicholson sat with his 27-year-old son Ray at the Staples Center on Tuesday, watching the Los Angeles Lakers face off against the New York Knicks. He was dressed all in black, including a polo shirt, slacks and a casual jacket, as well as tinted glasses. The 82-year-old actor wore a broad smile as he watched his favorite team.

The Lakers seem to be one of the few things that can consistently draw Nicholson out of his private retirement. He has been to several games since leaving the public eye, including the last game he attended in October of 2019. He often attends these games with his kids, particularly Ray. Ray and his older sister, 29-year-old Lorraine, come from Nicholson's relationship with Rebecca Broussard, who is 57.

(Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

On Tuesday night, Nicholson sat between his son and rapper Torey Lanez. On Lanez's other side was fashion mogul Umar Kamani, and the two got in some photo ops with Nicholson while they had the chance.

Nicholson's last viral moment came in November, when candid photos of his retirement came out. Tabloid photographers spotted Nicholson enjoying a day at the beach, where he was seen eating a sandwich in a boat, then smoking a cigarette while floating in the water. All-in-all, fans loved these pictures, stating that Nicholson seemed to be "living his best life."

His family agrees with this assessment. Nicholson's grandson, Duke, gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last month where he affirmed that his grandfather was doing well. At the time, he had just spent thanksgiving with Nicholson.

"It's usually pretty small. Me, my Uncle Ray, my Aunt Lorraine, my mom," Duke said. "He's doing great. He's 100 percent."

Nicholson's last on-screen project was in 2010, when he starred in How Do You Know. In 2013, he told The Sun that he was content to keep to himself.

"The movie business is the greatest business, but I only want to do films that move people, films about emotions and people," he said.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Duke is poised to take his grandfather's place in the business. The young actor had a role in last year's horror hit Us, and he co-stars in Nicholas Jarecki's upcoming movie Dreamland. He also appeared on the cover of Lana Del Rey's most recent album.


Dreamland is due out some time in 2020.