Iggy Azalea Rocks Blue Hair in LA Throwback Snap

Iggy Azalea may be Australian, but it seems the rapper knew she was destined for America from a young age.

Azalea used Instagram on Thursday morning to share a throwback photo of herself as a child standing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, rocking a head of blue hair that was most likely a wig. She completed the look with a black top, khaki pants and a serious mean mug.

"The day I decided LA was the only place that could handle my level of ridiculous," the musician wrote.

iggy azalea
(Photo: Instagram / @thenewclassic)

Azalea debuted another hair color during her appearance on The Late Late Show on Tuesday, March 20, showing off pink tresses as she performed her latest single, "Savior."

The 27-year-old also recently appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, where she explained how she burned her ex-fiancé Nick Young's designer clothes.

"I burned it all, darling," Azalea said. "I burned a lot, and I threw stuff in the pool, too. I started off with water and it seemed like that didn't work."

So she moved on to fire, using the couple's outdoor fire pit to her damage.

"I used to break stuff in our house, and I realized that I was breaking my own sh-t. I was like, 'That's stupid,' and he didn't care," Azalea explained. "So I was like, 'I'm going to find some sh-t you care about and I'm going to start destroying that,' which was his clothes."

She did note that she texted Young before getting to his expensive items, letting him know what was going on.

"'I'm burning your things,'" she said of the message she sent Young. "'And so I don't know where you're at—probably with some girl. So I hope you get home quickly, because I'm moving on. We're progressing on the spectrum from cheap to expensive.'"


When asked about the most expensive item she burned, the rapper responded, "every designer you could think of I burned," though she admitted, "expensive things don't burn well."

Photo Credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com