Iggy Azalea's Sizzling Christmas Photo Takes Instagram by Storm

Iggy Azalea recently dropped a sizzling Christmas photo, and it is taking Instagram by storm. In the picture, Azalea is laying out in a white bikini, soaking up some sun, while rocking a pair of sunglasses. Expressing how it's "hard to believe it's almost Christmas with weather like this," the post has sparked a ton of colorful comments from fans, who believe her look is "clearly "serving."

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"Queen, May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow," another user wrote. "Wishing you lots of laughter, health, joy, and happiness. Happy Holidays my friend."

"Meanwhile here it's in the negatives," joked a fan from a colder climate. "Enjoy the weather [baby]."

"Looking flawless like always Iggz. Have a nice day, week whatever," someone else commented, while a final fan added: "Okay I'm officially dead."

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Azalea has never been shy about posing for the camera's, but earlier this year she found herself in a tiff with Wendy Williams over her appearance.

During an episode of her daytime talk show earlier this year, Williams referred to Azalea as "the Australian with the fake body," which prompted the rapper to respond tweeting out, "Who's the crack head in the half way house with the gossip show thing?"

Many of Azalea's fans came to her defense, with one criticizing Williams. "She literally needs to be taken off air everytime she opens her mouth it like someone is throwing up," they wrote.

"[Oh my God] it's funny but [for real] she needs to grow up and not talk trash about people so much, how she gone talk about a fake body when she looks like that?" another fan tweeted.

While many supported Azalea, not everyone agreed with decision to bring up Williams struggles with substance abuse as a means of retort, as some felt like it was cruel to implore that tactic.

"Calling someone a crack head in their sobriety isn't a 'clap back' she has just shown how childish she is," one person chided. "Many people have many things to say about Iggy and she knows that, she has just reacted inappropriately to the 'easy' target."


Ultimately, the feud between the two seemed to be short-lived.

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