Iggy Azalea Dyes Her Blonde Hair a Shocking Red

Iggy Azalea is rocking a new look these days. The pop singer who's known for her long, blonde locks, is sporting a fresh ruby red look. In an Instagram photo, she posted an image of herself looking back towards the camera with a shorter hairdo that's also bright red, as she stands up against a bouquet of red flowers in the shape of a heart.

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Azalea recently shocked fans when she posted a photo of herself with washboard abs — which under most circumstances would only wow fans — however, they were confused since she's rumored to be pregnant. In the last several years, the Australian native has flown under the radar following her split from NBA player Nick Young. The two were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood during the 2015 and 2016 era. However, recently, rumors have been swirling that Azalea may have given birth in secret.

Her post that showed off her toned physique only told fans that she is not, in fact, pregnant, despite claims that state otherwise. Along with the photo, she also posted a video to her Instagram story around the same time that panned up and down her body, showing just how in-shape she is, but did not indicate pregnancy. Fans seemingly can't help but speculate since she's been pretty quiet on social media as well.

A few different outlets reported that she was pregnant, while others stated she had already given birth. The singer has been dating rapper Playboy Carti for over a year, and in December is when reports are starting to fire off that she and the rapper may be expecting their first child together. However, both Azalea and Carti have not confirmed, either way, leaving so many unanswered questions up in the air for their fans.

Something else that was left to question is if she was engaged or not. Onlookers noticed she was wearing a massive diamond ring and wondered if she was engaged again. After posting a cryptic video to social media, those watching highlighted that she was wearing an enormous ring on her ring finger, and couldn't help but to ask if she was planning on walking down the aisle anytime soon. Carti opened up about their relationship in an interview and said that they had moved in together in December, which would only further claims that they plan on taking the next step in their relationship.