'90210' Regular Dishes on a Potential Reunion

90210 was an absolutely massive hit during its heyday in the '90s, and with all the nostalgia going around lately, it only makes sense that the idea of a reunion for the beloved teen drama would be thrown out.

During an interview on Larry King Now, 90210 star Ian Ziering shared that he would be happy to film a reunion for the show, with the actor noting that he and his former co-stars are still close.

“Absolutely," he said. "We’re all still really good friends. When you work with someone for so long, 10 years, at such an early age you become like brothers and sisters. They are all doing great, I am real happy for their achievements and I’d love to work with them again in front of the camera. It would be awesome.”

The actor also dished on whether he had any regrets about not taking part in the 90210 reboot, which aired on The CW from 2008-2013, with Ziering explaining that he wanted a solid story if he was going to revive his character.


"When they approached me, they didn’t have a good story line. If I was going to resurrect Steve Sanders I wanted it to have some connection with what I had built in the 10 years I was associated with the show. They were not interested in connecting what was with what they had and for that, I wasn't interested in aggrandizing their project. It just wasn't something that was that appealing.”

Photo Credit: 90210 Productions