Howard Stern Sends Twitter Into A Panic Over ‘Personal Day’ From Radio Show

Howard Stern took his first ever day off from his radio show, and the Sirius XM host's fans fear that he may be in poor health.

The 63-year-old radio personality revealed that he was taking a "personal day" from his New York-based show, and social media users were sent into a frenzy after hearing the surprising news.

One Twitter user wrote: "I have listened to the #HowardStern show since the 80s...NEVER canceled a show before! I am very concerned about the reason."

Another commented, "Peace and love to my hero @HowardStern, who has missed a live show for the first time ever this morning. I hope everything is ok."

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Howard Stern's absence sparked multiple Reddit threads devoted to spouting theories as to the cause behind the shock jock canceling a show, according to Daily Mail. In addition to the concerns over his health, the speculations ranged from legal issues with Sirius XM to more personal reasons such as marital troubles with his wife Beth.

One Reddit user wrote, "Just this year Howard said the only way he'd cancel a show is if a parent died." However, another fan noted that Stern poked fun at his 93-year-old father during Monday's show, and he likely would not have done so if his father "was on his deathbed."

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Fans also were of the opinion that Stern was in a "sour" mood on Monday's show, and may be in connection to Friday's absence.

The Howard Stern Show has not made an announcement as to the cause behind the host's absence at this time. Stern is set to return to the show on Monday.


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