How Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle End up Living in Tyler Perry's $18 Million Beverly Hills Mansion?

What are friends for? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have Oprah Winfrey to thank for hooking them up with Tyler Perry's $18 million dollar mansion. Although they stepped away from royal life, that doesn't mean they're not still living a life of luxury. Since their move to America, the two have settled in Markle's hometown of Los Angeles, California and are living in a multimillion dollar home.

Perry's house is an eight-bedroom mansion with 12 bathrooms on a 22-acre property. The Tuscan-style villa is a super exclusive Beverly Ridge Estates in a gated community that allows for a gorgeous view of the city in the backyard. It's unclear at the moment whether Harry and Meghan are renting the estate or just staying there as guests, but so far there isn't any record of the house being sold according to the Daily Mail. Prior to their move to America, but after moving out of the U.K., the new parents were living in Vancouver Island in a gorgeous private home. At the time it was unclear on whether they would be staying in Canada or moving to the U.S.

Since their jump across the pond, Markle and Harry have been seen out in public a few times. They have been delivering meals on behalf of Project Angel Food in West Hollywood when they were caught on a security camera for the first time since living in southern California. Both were dressed down for the occasion while wearing masks in the midst of the cornavirus pandemic.

"In honor of the Easter holiday, the Duke and Duchess spent Sunday morning volunteering with Project Angel Food by delivering meals to our clients," Richard Ayoub, Executive Director of the organization said in a statement. "On Wednesday they quietly continued delivering meals to relieve our overworked drivers. It was their way to thank our volunteers, chefs, and staff who have been working tirelessly since the COVID-19 crisis began." To help some more, the two have also donated $112,000 from the money left over from their wedding broadcast to U.K.'s Feeding Britain charity.


It appears as though the couple have been enjoying their newfound freedom. Harry has been spotted doing some of his own grocery shopping, while Markle is back to driving herself places these days instead of being driven by chauffeurs. In early 2020, the two made a bold statement to announce they would be stepping down from their senior level royal positions to pursue a more independent life. Onlookers were shocked when they heard the news and weren't sure if they would actually do it or not, but they wrapped up their official royal engagements on March 31 and have been independent ever since.