Holly Robinson Peete Says Donald Trump Called Her the N-Word on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' Set

Holly Robinson Peete revealed some damning information about her time on Donald Trump’s The [...]

Holly Robinson Peete revealed some damning information about her time on Donald Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice a decade ago. While appearing on Sirius XM Urban View's The Karen Hunter Show, Peete recalled a moment when a producer of the reality show, which saw contestants competed for a position to work under Trump, told her Trump had referred to as the N-word.

She began the interview by calling the president "piggish and bullish" from her brief experience with him, though she admitted she never foresaw him becoming who he is now. Peete eventually delved into the rumor she was told about Trump calling her a derogatory word. She thought back to the time she first saw this come to light, "When the producer told me when it happened during the finale, I remember the moment where he was talking with producers and they're really animated and that was when I heard that he said 'they want the N-word to win.'" Peete referenced Bret Michaels, saying that Trump had wanted him to win all along. The Poison frontman did, in fact, end up winning the show with Peete knocking off Peete in the finale. "I firmly believe he probably uses that language all the time," Peete suggested.

Before wrapping up the interview, Peete, who is involved with some upcoming Hallmark Christmas movies, spoke about the divisiveness of Trump, who won't be spending Thanksgiving at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and how that moment, she feels, lines up with his four years in office. She also feels no matter what may have happened 10 years ago on the show, it doesn't; make a difference anymore. "People have accepted the things that he said that are so vile about so many other people, what difference is it going to make if he said that about me," Peete concluded.

In that same interview, Peete also opened up about her friend and now vice president-elect, Kamala Harris. Calling her an "amazing lady," Peete admitted she "sobbed like a baby" after seeing the final results come in. She expects the country will learn that Harris more than just a fierce debater and instead will see her "huge heart."