Donald and Melania Trump Scrap Thanksgiving Plans in Wake of Election Loss

Donald Trump and Melania Trump will be spending Thanksgiving a little differently this year. For [...]

Donald Trump and Melania Trump will be spending Thanksgiving a little differently this year. For the past three years, they have taken a trip to Mar-a-Lago but are now reportedly set to skip those plans and spend this year's holiday at the White House. The chief of staff for the first lady, Stephanie Grishman, was the first to report on this, sharing the couple's change of plans for the festivities.

This update comes as Trump has taken a back seat from the public eye since the presidential election. President-elect Joe Biden secured the necessary 270 electoral college votes and tacked on some more states to surpass 300 in the process after Georgia was called by multiple outlets in his favor. Trump continues to remain adamant in ensuring only legal votes were counted and illegal votes are thrown aside, though his legal team, mostly, has been unsuccessful in proving any major voter fraud that would impact the result.

CNN added some more context to the apparent bunkered-in approach Trump has had since the election. He has apparently spent the past 10 days holding no public events on his daily schedule and hasn't answered any questions in that span, a rare occurrence during his time in office. The furthest he has traveled since the election is one of his golf courses in Virginia. While Trump has remained quiet on that front, he has remained active on Twitter, however.

All of this comes as the country continues to deal with major spikes in COVID-19 cases. Many states have taken steps backward in dialing back their phased-opening plans, including multiple metropolitan areas that have become hotspots like Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The United States pulled in a record amount of positives last Friday with more than 181,000 cases and has continued to see numbers above 150,000 over the past week. Despite the coronavirus putting a strain on the country, there doesn't seem to be any upcoming help from the government to be found. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted the Democratic relief bill on Tuesday, saying their proposal was "unserious" and didn't even garner the full support of moderate Democrats.