Hilary Duff Faces Backlash for Kissing Dog While Pregnant

Actress Hilary Duff is facing social media backlash for kissing her dog on the mouth while pregnant.

Duff posted a video clip to her Instagram account that showed her giving her dog Izzy smooches right on on the mouth.

"If you don't like dog kisses DONT watch this video! Also leave mean comments in your head TY," she wrote in a caption on the clip, attempting to avoid any negative opinions.

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If you don’t like dog kisses DONT watch this video! Also leave mean comments in your head TY ✌🏻💋🐶

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Instagram users were still upset about her video though, letting her know that they felt like kissing her dog on the mouth was dangerous for her unborn child.

"I almost lost my newborn daughter to sepsis thanks to doggy kisses," one follower commented. "Wish someone had told me it was dangerous for my unborn child."

"I love dogs, but from some years ago to now I am allergic. I do not know why it started. I wasn't before. But even if some of you kiss your dogs and let them lick your lips or tongue and nothing has happened to you, that does not mean we all have the same expectations if we let our dogs lick us," another person commented. "Every BODY is different. Every system in our bodies reacts different. So, sometimes it's ok to take care the health of our babies and our lips."

There were some fans who showed support, however, and shared excitement over how adorable the video was.

"Dog kisses are the best! My dog makes this weird baby bottom lip and I just want to bite it. They are so cute but that's why I have to brush his teeth in regular basis otherwise his breath kills me," one supportive fan commented.

"Oh my gosh with the comments. Let her live her life. Who died who got sick who's talking to aliens. Just say awww or move on," another fan said.

An OB-GYN has weighed in on the subject as well, telling PEOPLE that "dog kisses really shouldn't pose a huge problem."


"But cat litter boxes and rodent cages are a big no-no due to toxoplasmosis and lymphocytic choriomeningitis, respectively," Doctor Sara Swift said. "The biggest concern with dogs is that they can jump and push you over, however this is not a big issue with most dogs."

At this time, Duff does not appear to have disabled the comments on her post so the backlash may not be of much concern to her.