Heidi Klum Flashes Insane Abs in Eye-Popping Crop Top

Heidi Klum may be 48 years old but she's got abs of steel. The supermodel showed off her toned physique in a recent Instagram photo where she's wishing her native Germany "good luck." In the pictures, Klum is rocking a black string bikini bottom, with a cut-off jersey T-shirt that shows just enough to make fans take a second glance. "Good luck today Germany," she captioned the photo.

While it's easy to assume fans would have flooded the comment section, Klum turned that feature off. This isn't the first time that Klum has dropped jaws after posting a photo. The former Victoria's Secret model has shared a number of pictures over the years that have her fans and followers in awe.

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While she takes stunningly gorgeous photos — mostly in a makeup-free look — fans love watching her on a number of shows including America's Got Talent. In a recent episode of the popular competition series, host Terry Crews spoke with PopCulture during a roundtable interview along with other media, about his experience on the popular NBC series and how he's able to relate to some of the talents because of his athletic background. "One thing that people don't understand is there is a true level of dedication that most athletes — especially in an Olympic year, you kind of see it — but what's crazy is the consistency; it's about non-stop, everyday workouts, stretching, the agility, and all for one moment," he said.

"Like, when you look at the Olympics, people train for years for 30 seconds!" he continued. So many acts that grace the stage of AGT, Crews feels he can relate to in a way. Recently, the former NFL footballer handed out the Golden Buzzer to World Taekwondo. The masterful group consists of a number of young individuals from around the world who have mastered taekwondo. In fact, they were even invited to perform at the Olympics; however, due to the pandemic, they were unable to attend.


In their maximum efforts to win it all on the show in hopes of redeeming their talents, Crews recognized that and honored them with the Golden Buzzer. "Same thing with AGT. You have people who've been doing this for 20 years and they get two minutes," he stressed. "Like, I know what that feels like; I know when you get to the NFL and you're doing your thing and all of a sudden, you could get cut at any time." Knowing what that feels like, Crews made sure he took part in giving them an opportunity of a lifetime.