Heather Rae El Moussa Responds to Fan Criticism Over Her Easter Party

Heather Rae El Moussa recently faced online criticism for having live rabbits at her Easter party, and now the reality TV star has responded to the fans who lashed out. In a post on Monday, El Moussa shared a collection of photos and videos from her family's Easter Sunday get-together. Fans noticed that the Selling Sunset star had some real-life bunnies at the party, and they criticized El Moussa's decision to include the animals.

Now, in a series of Instagram Stories posts, El Moussa has fired back and set the record straight. "I can't believe I am having to explain myself but it was brought to my attention that there are lots of nasty comments about the bunnies...," she began. "Our whole family are animal lovers, I have been vegan for most of my life, I am very passionate about animals and am always an advocate for ALL animals!!" El Moussa continued, "We wanted a fun and cute experience for the kids, so did tons of research and found an amazing local bunny farm with an amazing mission that we wanted to support!"

In another slide, she added, "NO bunnies are forced to breed, they are all free-range, never caged, live naturally on the farm, and are extremely loved and cared for! They actually started their farm as a way to help treat and provide comfort for young children with disabilities, particularly with autistic children." Here, El Moussa was referring to the Orange County Bunny Farm, where the rabbis came from.

"The bunnies are all raised organically and naturally. We felt comfortable supporting this amazing little local business, and also creating an [sic] fun experience for everyone!! Please refrain from judgment and negativity without knowing the full story," she concluded. "No need for all of the hate and nasty comments!" Lastly, El Moussa shared a screenshot from Orange County Bunny Farm's Instagram page for anyone who may "want to learn more."

El Moussa has disabled the comments on the original post (seen above), but she did leave her original caption. "Hope everyone had an amazing Easter," she wrote. "Swipe for a little Easter Sunday roundup!! Feeling so grateful that we got to spend the weekend with family. Family is so important to me and [Tarek El Moussa]."


She continued, "Unfortunately my sister and her family live in [a] different state which makes me so sad as our families grow. I've been trying to convince my family to move closer for months now.... everyone on Tarek's side of the family and mine get along so well, and love each other so so much that it makes our holidays extra special." She ended her post by asking her followers, "How did you spend your Easter weekend? What little traditions does your family do each year??"