Heather Locklear Returns to Social Media Amid Legal and Personal Battles

Heather Locklear returned to social media on Saturday as if she had not missed a beat despite months of headline-grabbing troubles.

Locklear has been in the news for the last several months, dealing with two arrests, trips to rehab and her on-again off-again romance with boyfriend Chris Heisser.

On Saturday, she made her first post since her arrest in April with no indication Locklear was still dealing with turmoil.

(Photo: Instagram / Heather Locklear)

"Sun shining day," the actress wrote alongside a photo of her dog, Mister. The little Maltese wore John Lennon-style round sunglasses and appeared to be sitting on someone's lap in the shot.

It was the first time Locklear has posted anything directly to her fans since April 13, and has yet to address the controversial stories circulating about her.

Locklear's first arrest of 2018 came on Feb. 25. At the time, she and Heisser had reportedly been having a drunken argument so fearsome that the police were called. When they arrived, they arrested Locklear on charges of domestic battery, but she did not go down without a fight. She faced additional charges after allegedly attacking the arresting officers.

"Get the f— out of my house!" she reportedly yelled at the time. "You f—ing deserve your kids to die! You f—ing deserve it! And when you find yourself in that position, think of me!"

The actress also reportedly threatened police with a gun, prompting a warranted search of her house. After that, she was officially prohibited from owning a firear. She pleaded not guilty to felony domestic assault charges, and entered a rehabilitation program.

In June, things flared up again with another emergency call to Locklear's residence. The actress was taken to a hospital for physical and psychiatric evaluation, as she had repeatedly expressed suicidal thoughts to her concerned family.

Two weeks after that, on June 25, Locklear was arrested in earnest. Once again, she reportedly kicked a responding officer as well as an EMT, who described her as "heavily intoxicated and uncooperative." The attack earned her more charges, and a report by the Daily Mail claimed that her 20-year-old daughter was with her on this occasion.


Since then, Locklear's family is reportedly upset to find that she is back together with Heisser. However, they take heart that the two have been seen attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together. Locklear is due in court on Thursday, Aug. 30.

Photo credit: Paul Archuleta, FilmMagic / Getty