Heather Locklear Reportedly Placed on Psychiatric Hold

Heather Locklear has been placed on a psychiatric hold following a mental breakdown this weekend.

According to sources who spoke with TMZ, the Melrose Place alum was at her home on Sunday when her therapist determined that she was having another mental breakdown. A 911 call was placed as a "health precaution" for Locklear, who was transported to the hospital once EMTs arrived.

The outlet also clarified that no crime had been committed and the breakdown seemed to stem from an ongoing mental health issue that resurfaced.

"Deputies responded to Ms. Locklear's home regarding a medical call," Sgt. Eric Buschow of Ventura County Sheriff's Office confirmed to PEOPLE. "There was no crime."

Although details regarding the incident are mum, a family friend told the outlet that the incident occurred after Locklear had been living "low-key" for the past month following a stint in rehab.

"Heather had been in rehab for three months and got out in early October, the day before her daughter's 21st birthday. And for the last month, she has been living privately and low-key," the source alleged. "[On] Saturday, there was a fight with her boyfriend [Chris Heisser] and she threw him out and he alerted her attorney and her doctors. And yesterday, she was put in a 51-50."

Richie Sambora, Locklear's ex who she shares 21-year-old daughter Ava with, said in a statement that he will continue to support the actress.

"I will not waver on always being there for Heather to see she gets the best help possible, and especially Ava. I am once again very proud of my daughter for her composure and strength during this difficult time," he said.

News of Locklear's psychiatric holds comes during a period of difficult months for the actress. In June, she was arrested after she allegedly attacked a police officer and EMT who responded o a disturbance call at her residence. Authorities described the actress as "extremely intoxicated" and "arguing with friends and family" at the time of the incident.

In a lawsuit filed by the EMT, Jennifer Hayn-Hiton, it was alleged that Locklear had begun violently kicking, resulting in injuries severe enough keep Hayn-Hiton out of work, as they attempted to render aid.


Hours after she was released from police custody, Locklear was hospitalized for a possible overdose. The two incidents came just a week after transported to a hospital for a psychological evaluation after the actress was said to be "suicidal" and "violent."