Haylie Duff Weighs in on Sister Hilary Duff's Disney+ Revival Series 'Lizzie McGuire' (Exclusive)

Haylie Duff is opening about her sister Hilary Duff's popular show 2000's show upcoming Disney+ revival, Lizzie McGuire and admits that even though they're sisters, she actually doesn't know many details about it just yet. Fans are gushing over the forthcoming series, which is anticipated to start airing sometime in 2020 on the streaming network. The show will be angled from McGuire all grown up as she tries to navigate through the big city of New York. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Duff said she's really looking forward to it.

"I'm excited for it!" Duff gushed. "I don't know that much about it, but I'm excited for it. I think it's going to be really cute and fun and I'm happy for her that she's doing that."

While the actress is super supportive of her sister's show, she did say the two have been incredibly supportive of one another as each have become moms to two children each. When asked if Duff and Hilary give each other parenting advice, she said instead of advice, they actually choose to show each other support, which works a lot better for them.

"A lot of our parenting is in line with each other, but there's so much advice from everyone coming to you all the time when you're a parent, that both of us have taken the approach of like, we're not going to push our way onto each other," Duff said. "We're just going to be there to support each other, because everyone wants to feel like they're making the best decisions for their family. I think the support of each other's decisions is the best way to really be there for one another."

Although both are busy being moms and managing successful careers, they don't have a lot of time to hang out these days, but they do still try and see each other when they can.

"We both are pulled in a lot of different directions because of our kids. We had a fun little family dinner last week, but you know, she's got two kids running different directions, I've got two kids running and I've got a business, she's got a business," she detailed. "It's harder that we wish it was sometimes to all get together, but we live close by, so we try! But it doesn't always happen."

It's probably safe to say that both of their schedules won't slow down anytime soon, however, Duff has found a way to enjoy a few hours of downtime with her friends and family after she partnered with Nonni's Biscotti for their "Dip and Donate" campaign as it benefits Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation — a non-profit organization that funds impactful research to aid in the cure of childhood cancer.

"You know, when they asked me to part of this, I was excited to participate in their Dip and Donate campaign because the initiative behind it, it's all good things. ... I love that Nonni's is asking people to get involved by hosting their own Dip and Donate parties, and I love that with a simple tag, they're willing to donate a dollar for every tag up until December," she said.


When Duff was describing her busy life as a mom to PopCulture.com she highlighted that because of the campaign, it allowed her to carve out some much-needed-time with her girlfriends.

"It was a fun reason to have a bunch of my girlfriends over, do something good for people, and do it fairly quickly. We were like a couple of hours, we all got to reconnect and chat and we left feeling like we did something really great for people afterwards too, which was nice," the mom-of-two said.