Harvey Weinstein's Wife Could Walk Away With $12 Million If Couple Divorces

Georgina Chapman could walk away with a fortune if she divorces husband Harvey Weinstein.

Chapman, who left her producer husband amid a wave of sexual assault and harassment accusations, has yet to file for divorce, but could stand to get about $12 million from her husband now that the couple passed their 10-year wedding anniversary Friday.

The prenuptial agreement the couple signed in December 2007 says the Marchesa designer will get $400,000 annually for each year of marriage now that they crossed the decade mark, reports TMZ. Before Friday, that number was only $300,000.

According to the documents, Chapman would get $250,000 per year for the first five years of marriage, and for years six through 10, she gets $700,000 per year. That adds up to a total of $4.75 million.

But Chapman would also be entitled to a housing allowance of $25,000 per month of marriage with a cap of $3 million that she's already reached after 120 months of marriage.

Adding in the 10 years and $4 million of spousal support and Chapman stands to walk away with $11.75 million.

While that number is massive, Weinstein and his wife are also insanely wealthy already. The Miramax co-founder is reportedly worth more than $250 million, while Chapman is worth about $20 million.

Chapman has yet to file for divorce, but has retained a high-powered divorce attorney. In the prenup, both she and Weinstein agree not to publish diaries, memoirs, letters, stories, photographs or do interviews about their personal business or finances.


The Hollywood producer has been accused of numerous counts of sexual assault and harassment against women stretching back years after an October New York Times expose, and has been fired from his production company.

Photo credit: Twitter/@bazaaruk